Fictional Self Portrait #10

Fictional Self Portrait

They never worry

I am the me that was me today

Never tied down

I am always fine because I feel nothing

I can shape shift upon my own will

Whatever gets placed on my back will be properly carried in silence

fictional self portraint #10

Art made in Exile

Raw Canvas Mixed Medium

4ft x 4ft

Exhilia ART


Kintsugi in reverse/



The unbreaking unbroken pieces fit together.

Yet, still Kintsugi when the light shines just right.

The edge is inescapable.

Art made in Exile






A Void Where No Rights Exist

I am an Artist in Exile

Aspects of that exile;

Tactics of suppression being used for political reasons

Threats of physical harm, physical harm, slander, cyber and other stalking harassment, cyber vandalism, cyber terrorism.

Hired disinformation agents editing facts, unlawful appropriation on my name, art and likeness to promote a false narrative about horrific injustice.

A battle field upon which fascism, playing out its agenda and flexing its abusive power injuring my innocence.

You will have to insert this address directly or memorize the link to arrive here to my exile.

Hashtag Cyber Vandalism; the location of my exile nation obscured

Also known as Terrorism, Cyber Colonization, Apartheid

The exile is attached to any effort I make to live

The exile is attached to my adopted name Exhilia.

Exile is attached to any name I can invent in my imagination

It is a targeted program. Take note of this human rights abuse.

I am only a witness,  exile is to protect the guilty.

This is a True Story hidden in a poem.



2014-05-28 003 013.JPG

Art Made in Exile

68cm x 44cm

The actual void where no rights exist 14X14cm

(c) exhilia

I am Full of Joy

Everyday I work toward my freedom

I am full of joy

At the end I measure my success

Only to find the buffers with a white brush

Laughing at me, I laugh back

Knowing I pull the strings

The buffers.

I win.



mixed media on low acid organic canvas 45x45cm

exhilia (c)




EXILIAR to flee into exile a. to go into exile. Muchos artistas y escritores se exiliaron cuando el régimen dictatorial llegó al poder. Many artists and writers went into exile when the dictatorship came to power.

Political Exile with Artist- Exhilia

I am dispossessed from my name, exiled by fascism. I am only a witness. I awaken to unfolding origami made of human flesh, copper jacketed chaotic events rushing too fast. They are powerful, I am power. Stalemate/Checkmate. Que sera sera.  I have this Art.

This is a true story.